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Adventure of Little Ralph [NTSC-J]

Adventure of Little Ralph [NTSC-J] PlayStation ROMS Small Size PBP Psx

(0 Reviews) June 05, 2024

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June 05, 2024
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The Adventure of Little Ralph (Chippoke Ralph no Daibouken in Japanese) is a 2D jump-platform action game produced by New Corporation for the Playstation. The story begins when a town is attacked by demons and when the young Ralph try to stop them, they transform him into a little child, his life is saved by a young woman and after that Ralph begins his quest to defeats the different demons that are on teh land.

The player controls Ralph with the +-key and the jump button and maneuvers him around treacherous traps and footholds. Ralph can also use his sword to defeat enemies. You don't have hit points: you have a shield which protects you once, and after that the next hit will be fatal.

In additional to typical swordplay techniques such as the normal slash and the downward thrust, by holding down the sword button for a split second and then releasing it, Ralph can do a "swing" attack. Besides doing double damage, the swing attack can also reflect enemy projectiles, or send small enemies flying to knock down a row of enemies (just like the infamous turtle shell).

The game has its unique scoring system. When you pass through certain points, a group of fruits appear. Grabbing one gives you 100 points, and each subsequent one is worth double the current one, up to a maximum of 6400 points per fruit. However, the point value resets to 100 points at the moment when there are no fruits in play. There are two ways that can happen: when the fruits expire after several seconds, or when the player picks up all of the fruits in play. Thus, expert players maximize their scores by grabbing all but one fruit, and then hurry onwards to make the next group of fruits appear before the last fruit expires. This involves some planning and precision, and adds some strategy to the game. It is also a nice game balance mechanism: the early stages are quite easy and will not be frustrating even for novices of jump-action games, while the expert player will still find them interesting to play repeatedly because there are some "fruit lines" which are quite challenging to get perfectly. Besides mere points, when you make 8 fruits appear before the score value resets, the 8th fruit will become a heart fruit. You earn an extra life for collecting a number of these.

There are 8 stages with a good variety of settings and atmosphere. The stages contain many different kinds of traps, and a fair number of hidden routes and items. The hidden routes are not 'mindlessly' hidden, but rather, there are clever graphical hints to every hidden route: you may see the exit in plain view and wonder how to get there, or a foothold may be camouflaged as background. There are two difficulty levels. In easy difficulty, you play only the first 5 stages, and you always start each life with a shield. In normal difficulty, you play all 8 stages, and you will see the true ending if you clear them all. Against the bosses in the later stages, you fight a vs. fighting game style battle. One playing of the easy game lasts about an hour; the last 3 stages in the normal game adds about 45 minutes. The length of one playing is an inconvenience, but the game is well worth it.

  Manufacturer's description:

-Gripping, non-stop scrolling action.
- The emphasis on "earn points" have become less, now orthodox action game.
- Enjoy a confrontation with the boss battle is fighting particular, heated.
- This easy-invigoration in arcade-like, all you'll continue to face a variety of 8.
- The screen was extremely beautiful graphics.

Third person perspective

  • 2D graphics
  • Cartoon graphics
  • Medieval Fantasy theme.
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