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Army Men - Air Attack [NTSC-U]

Army Men - Air Attack [NTSC-U] PlayStation ROMS Small Size PBP Psx

(0 Reviews) June 05, 2024

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June 05, 2024
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If you mess with the best, you'll melt like the rest in Army Men Air Attack! So saddle up your toys, soldier, and head for the skies! The GPN reports a plot by the evil Tan Army to seize the Green Army's borders. Colonel Grimm expects your new Alpha Wolf Battalion to stop General Plastro's wicked invasion. Led by Captain William Blade, your mission is to pilot four helicopters (with pyrotechnic artillery) through the backyard, picnic, and beach terrain to stop the Tan in their tracks. Capture giant teddy bears, blow up sandcastles, and save Sarge from a melting by kids with a magnifying glass!

In the third-person perspective Army Men: Air Attack for the PlayStation, you need the help of a co-pilot, so choose carefully from the following: Hardcore, who loves homing rockets; Rawhide, another rocket lover; and Woodstock, your machine gunner. While in the air, you can utilize a Huey, Chinook, Super Stallion, or Apache helicopter. An in-game map will help guide you as you grab power-ups, mission-specific characters, or world objects with the winch cable. Drop an apple, rock, or crate on the enemy to crush them. While you're at it, use machine guns, rockets, napalm, and flares to aid your fellow soldiers in their attack against the Tan's ground and air troops.

Many of the familiar types of characters from the previous Army Men titles are here as well, such as riflemen and flame-throwers for Tan Army infantry, wind-up robots, UFOs, and other ground troops. Along with jeeps, tanks, half-tracks, helicopters, PT boats, and even battleships and butterflies, the Tan will relentlessly continue the onslaught until you take them out. Also, look for killer bees, fire ants, and a dreaded lawn sprinkler! And you'll want to watch for Blue Spies -- mercenaries stealing supplies. You should know what do about that. Right? Right!

Play sixteen campaign missions of bloodless, plastic army men violence in the one-player game, or team up cooperatively or competitively in split-screen mode with another player. Players may save their game progress during the Mission Debriefing Screen to load up later, or bypass it all by entering a password given after each mission. Set music or sound effects volume to your liking. Set the controls for the Dual Shock Analog Controller for maximum vibration realism.

  Manufacturer's description:

Toy Soldiers Take To The Skies

Pilot one of four helicopters through the treacherous terrain of the backyard, picnic areas, and nearby beaches. Engage in Air-to-Air and Air-to-Ground combat with enemies ranging from battlesips to butterflies. Utilize the unique abalities of each airship to capture giant Teddy Bears, blow up sand castles, and save Sarge from being melted by kids with a magnifying galss.
Real Combat. Plastic Men.


* Control 4 diferent toy helicopters armed with an arsenal of pyrotechnic weaponary.
* Battle Tan soldiers and a variety of real-world enemies such as killer bees, fire ants, and the dreaded lawn sprinkler.
* Take on a full complement of plastic toy units: tanks, helicopters, jeeps, wind-up robots, ground troops and UFOs!
* Conquer 16 one-player missions of bloodless, toy violence.
* Team up in split-screen Cooperative Mode or battle head-to-head in the competive two-player mode


  • Third person perspective.
  • 3D graphics
  • Cartoon graphics
  • War theme.

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