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Assault Retribution [NTSC-U]

Assault Retribution [NTSC-U] PlayStation ROMS Small Size PBP Psx

(0 Reviews) June 05, 2024

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June 05, 2024
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One morning in 2198, the city of Arcadia was annihilated within the blink of an eye. An alien object fell from the once friendly skies and destroyed buildings, leaving the inhabitants either seriously wounded or dead. There were survivors, but the city faced even bigger problems: mutinous alien creatures spewed from the wreckage and infiltrated the newly "renovated" city. The government sends in the marines with only one goal: eradicate any and all alien resistance!

Assume the role of Sgt. Reno J. Washington, the gruff heavy-weapons veteran, or Major Kelly Doyle, a young sniper, to infiltrate Arcadia's city streets, run through the jungles of Zeeva, and destroy the aliens' vessel and hive! However, keep in mind is that the aliens are going to come whether you move or not, so put the hurt on the menace any which way you can. Surrender is not an option!

Assault: Retribution supplies you with some of the best firepower modern technology can provide, as well as various customization options to ensure "better living through quick death disbursement." Washington utilizes a barrage of destructive weaponry such as the P-420 Multi-Phase Pulse Rifle and the aptly named Cutter; Doyle uses a variety of Homing Missiles, Beam Lasers, and the D-16 Magnetic Bolt Accelerator. There's also a plethora of pickups including weapon upgrades, health, ammunition recharges, smart bombs, extra lives, and shields. Save points within each level let you resume the killing when it is most convenient for you. And (rare as of 1999), there is a two-player cooperative mode in case you feel that one ultimate killing machine just isn't enough.

Assault: Retribution is a 3D platform shooting game that takes place across seven futuristic levels, includes two playable characters with alternate routes, analog control, and memory card support. You can't spell action, adrenaline or assault with out an "A," so go out and kick a few!

  Manufacturer's description:


Travelling through 7 mind blowing levels, your mission will take you far from home. Journey to remote outposts of humanity and into hellish uncharted alien worlds.

We wouldn't deploy you to the epicenter of an alien infested city without a massive arsenal from which to choose. Multi-phased pulse rifles, devastating shock weapons, magnetic bolt accelerators and many more. Each weapon is designed for maximum destruction!

If you think you're ready, play in the 2 player cooperative mode. You'll encounter extra mutants, alternative routes and increasingly challenging obstacles around every corner. Whether you choose a solo mission, or decide to work with an ally, be prepared for some fast-paced, non-stop, heart pounding action!

These creatures must be wiped out by YOU before they reach any other cities. No alien life forms are to be left alive. With the support of the Dual Shock Analog Controller, you can feel the firepower as you exterminate the alien invaders!

Remember, mercy is NOT an option.


  • Third person perspective.
  • 3D graphics
  • Cartoon graphics
  • SCI-FI, Futuristic & Aliens themes.

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