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Bakumatsu Roman - Gekka no Kenshi (The Last Blade) [NTSC-J].

Bakumatsu Roman - Gekka no Kenshi (The Last Blade) [NTSC-J]. PlayStation ROMS Small Size PBP Psx

(0 Reviews) June 05, 2024

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June 05, 2024
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The Last Blade, released in Japan as Bakumatsu Rouman: Gekka no Kenshi, is a fighting game series created by SNK for the Neo Geo system. The Korean version of the game is known as "The Last Soldier". The Last Blade and its sequel are considered by some to be two of the most accomplished games available for the Neo Geo system.

Long before humanity existed, in a far off time of myth, death was an unknown, equally distant concept, but when death first came to the world, the "Messenger from Afar" was born.
With time, the Sealing Rite was held in order to seal Death behind Hell's Gate. At that time, two worlds, one near and one far, were born. Thus the history of life and death began.

Half a year has passed since Suzaku's madness, and the underworld is still linked by a great portal. Kagami's great sin is still heard as if ringing from the heavens. Our world has been called upon. Legends of long ago told of the sealing of the boundary between the two worlds. The Sealing Rite would be necessary to hold back the spirits of that far away world.

However, the Sealing Rite brings together the power of the Four Gods and Sealing Maiden, for the first time properly completing the ritual.

To find the Sealing Maiden, Genbu began searching in the center of the world, from which all things begin. At the same time in the underworld, in the depths of darkness, many spirits conspired, plotting to hinder the Sealing Rite. They had but one wish, to be reborn into our world.

Bakumatsu Roman Gekka no Kenshi - 1+2 is a compilation of the two games in The Last Blade series:
- The Last Blade
- The Last Blade 2: Heart of the Samurai

The compilation also includes a color edit mode, arrange music, and all the secret characters from the home versions of the game, as well as online versus play.

* Online gamers may link up through the Multi Matching BB service.
* Before the title screen, a futuristic SNK Playmore introduction starts by counting up the years that the company has been in existence and leads to a retrospective of the company's games which flow into the screen in gold-gilded windows.
* The game select screen features three hexagons on top which hold the options of Last Blade, Online Mode, and Last Blade 2. Five hexagons line the bottom of the screen and represent options for Load/Save Data, Joypad Button Configuration, Adjust Screen, Adjust Audio, and Customize Characters.
* As mentioned earlier, the conversion quality is admirable but given the limitations of the PS2 hardware, frames of animation have been dropped and the audio sounds a tad hollow when compared against the rich and throbbing audio of the Neo Geo original. The PS2 conversions of both games however run fast and fluid with responsive controls.
* Last Blade Game Modes: Story Mode / Short Mode / VS Mode / Time Attack / Training Mode / Option
* Last Blade 2 Game Modes: Story Mode / VS Mode / Time Attack / Training Mode / Option
* The languages supported in both games are English / Spanish / Portugese / Japanese.


Series "Gekka masterpiece" fighting sword play 2D. Song "Hana bloom in May Second Act Gekka no Kenshi Bakumatsu Roman, Yuku fall flower" and "Bakumatsu Roman Gekka no Kenshi" that the two works. Ported from the arcade full course, corresponds to the online play. Enjoy the massive story that takes place in the Bakumatsu characters' more than a total of 30 two works Moriya and maple, and snow unfolds!


  • Third person perspective.
  • 2D graphics
  • Cartoon graphics
  • Medieval Japan theme.

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