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Batman & Robin [NTSC-U]

Batman & Robin [NTSC-U] PlayStation ROMS Small Size PBP Psx

(0 Reviews) June 05, 2024

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June 05, 2024

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Batman and Robin the arcade game: The Dynamic Duo from Gotham City finally make their 32-bit debut in the game based on the hit summer movie of 1997.

Play as Batman or Robin and help clean up the streets of Gotham City. Fight against all the main characters from the movie including Mr. Freeze, Poison Ivy, and the dreaded Hockey Team in a side-scrolling beat-'em-up. Featuring a unique mix of action, adventure and driving around a full 3-D Gotham City. Take command of all the vehicles from the blockbuster movie like the Batmobile and the Batcycle and even the BatSki.

Find the cure to save Alfred's life and have a little fun doing it.

  Manufacturer's description:

72 Hours until Mr. Freeze turns Gotham City into a giant popsicle. You are the only thing standing between millions of innocent people and their icy doom. Your detective skills are about to be pushed to the edge as you drive, sleuth and fight your way to their salvation. Step into the boots of Batman, Robin or Batgirl and prepare yourself for battle with Mr. Freeze, Poison Ivy and Bane in this non-linear third-person adventure of a lifetime!


- Over 20 hand-to-hand fighting moves unique to each player, such as Batman's 2-Hand Hammer Punch and Robin's Running Superkick
- Over 20 all-new aggressive projectile gadgets, missiles and blades
- True non-linear gameplay that results in a different game every time you play!
- Race through the streets of Gotham City in 6 all-new vehicles including the Batmobile, Robin's Redbird, and the Bathammer.
- Use the Batcave's state-of-the-art Batcomputer to decipher clues and cross-reference with Gotham City's Police Criminal Files

Third person perspective

  • 3D graphics
  • Cartoon graphics
  • Comic theme.
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