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Bloody Roar [NTSC-U]

Bloody Roar [NTSC-U] PlayStation ROMS Small Size PBP Psx

(0 Reviews) June 05, 2024

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June 05, 2024
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BLOODY ROAR pits eight fighters with unique Spirit Animals against each other. Don’t just beat your opponents; pummel them into the ground by using combo after combo, or transforming into the character’s Spirit Animal, which might be a killer rabbit, gorilla, fox, or something else, entirely. See the moment of victory with instant replays that show the blow that put the loser down for good

A mysterious code is discovered in the process of analyzing the human genome. It becomes apparent that a certain genetic code, formerly considered to be only a background anomaly because it failed to match any human characteristic, would bring surprising changes to the human body through stimulation of that code. By activating this code, the characteristics and capabilities of other species latent in the human body can be awakened and give birth to beings with superhuman physical powers and agility. The result? A human-beast amalgam and the development of the zoanthropic phenomenon.

Thus a species which, for various reasons, can transform its body and characteristics begin to appear around the world... all displaying superhuman strength, astounding athletic ability and the power to morph into raging, half-human beasts.

A project team in the medical department of the Tylon Organization, multinational corporation seeks to kidnap, breed and train these zoanthropes, hoping to assemble a nearly indestructible fighting army to take over the world.

While some join willingly, others fight against the Organization to avenge the deaths and disappearances of their own kind. Tigers, wolves, wild boars - will mankind depend on the claws, fangs and cunning of savage beasts to bring the world safely into the next millennium?

  Manufacturer's description:

Intense Fighting Action!
Fearsome fighters and vicious beasts each with over 200 fast and furious moves -- including brutal combos, multi-string hits, blocks, kicks, throws, grappling moves and much more. No other fighter can begin to compare!

Unleash The Beast!
Each fully 3D character morphs into a different beast during combat! Raging tigers! Snarling wolves! In this eat-or-be-eaten fighting game, players need their claws, cunning, and hair-trigger reflexes to survive.

Use your experience, skill and animal instincts to create your own moves, then spring them on your opponent when they least expect it!

Save Stats!
Keep a record of your hard-won victories; track the number of battles and wins for each character.

Wreck Stuff!
Smash the walls. Heave your opponent out of the ring. Use the walls for jump attacks. The interactive, detailed 3D environments make other fighting games hide in shame.

- Options! The possibilities are endless.
- Play with 1 or 2 players.
- Sharpen your skills in Practice Mode.
- Try Kids or Big Head options.
- And, if you have the nerve, brace yourself for Time Attack or Survival Mode!

Third person perspective

  • 3D graphics
  • Cartoon graphics
  • Fantasy & Fighting themes.
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