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Clock Tower [NTSC-U].

Clock Tower [NTSC-U]. PlayStation ROMS Small Size PBP Psx

(0 Reviews) June 05, 2024

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June 05, 2024
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The Barrows Mansion stands dark and brooding amid the natural splendors of Romsdaaren Norway.

The Barrows Mansion stands dark and brooding amid the natural splendors of Romsdaaren Norway.

A creepy past gives birth to present-day horror as a series of grisly scissors murders splattered the Barrows Mansion in innocent blood. You'll need resourcefulness persistence and keen powers of observation and deduction It is up to you to learn the dark secrets that surround the killings!

This is a point-and-click game that is compatible with a mouse, although you don't need one to play. When your cursor is over something that you can pick up or move, it turns into 4 dots shaped like a diamond. You then click on that and your character goes over and performs an action. There are 2 protagonists you can choose to play as, Helen or Jennifer. Whoever you play as depends on what you do when you're playing the prologue with Professor Barton.

Hiding is also one of the main elements of the game. Scissorman can either pop up out of nowhere, or slowly appear to you. You know when he's approaching you because of the cool music that starts up when he's coming. When he jumps down from a tree or appears from behind a stack of logs and scares you, his theme music changes slightly to scare you even more! When you're running away from him and enter a room before he does, there are a number of things you can do. You can hide behind, underneath, or inside of something.

Some examples are underneath a bed, inside a closet, or inside a box. A few methods will not always work however, and he may end up seeing you, or sensing you. You can also look for things to defend yourself with. Some examples are spraying mace in his eyes, throwing a chair at him, or hitting him on the head with a fireplace poker. This doesn't always work either. Sometimes your character may miss hitting scissorman, or he will deflect some objects. Overall, it's a VERY creepy experience that is much scarier then any Resident Evil or Dino Crisis.

  Manufacturer's description:


Another night, another death... the brutal murders didn't have to continue for long before the undeniable truth was revealed. How can the most vicious killer in Norway's history return for an encore performance after his own death? This terrifying horror adventure will have you at the edge of your seat for hours and hours and you explore evil and hauntingly realistic areas in England and Norway in search for the most horrifying serial killer known to man.

* Five playable characters and ten different endings for super-extended replay value.
* Amazingly detailed, horrific graphics with atmospheric lighting, shadows and special effects.
* Outstanding sound accompaniment will leave you constantly frightened.
* Randomized behavioral patterns ensure you'll never play the same game twice!


  • Third person perspectives.
  • 3D graphics
  • Cartoon graphics
  • Mystery & Horror themes.

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