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Criticom [NTSC-U]

Criticom [NTSC-U] PlayStation ROMS Small Size PBP Psx

(0 Reviews) June 05, 2024

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June 05, 2024
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Criticom is a one-on-one fighting game where 8 diverse fighters from across the galaxy vie for a crystal artifact. The game features a sci-fi backstory that involves mystery and intrigue surrounding the crystal and each of the 8 fighters is given a unique storyline to explain why he or she is so interested in the artifact. Among the colorful characters are a giant lizard man named Gorm, a ninja lady named Yenji, a killing robot named S.I.D.,


"The Nezom and Zerai clans annointed themselves as the "Chosen Ones" -- a self-proclamation spurred by the acquisition of an ancient relic which bestowed great powers upon its possesors, but not the wisdom to wield that power. Led by their emperor, the Chosen Ones purged all resistance, annihilating entire races. The planet Hyperia fell into the War Era.

In the end, the Chosen Ones achieved compliance, if not obedience. The years of ruthless supremacy took its toll on the Emperor. In his old age, the dying Emperor passed on the relic to its new heirs. A new age of peace and prosperity is about to begin...
... or so it seemed..."

- from the opening

Two flashes of light, and suddenly the relic is gone - its protectors lying on the floor.

The Chosen Ones, fearful that news should leak of the events, quickly replaced the relic with a replica and began taking steps to finding and reacquiring their source of power. Both Delara Zerai and Sonork Nezom, heirs to the throne, went on seperate quests: Delara, to regain her honor, as she was one of the guardians of the relic when it was stolen; and Sonork to prove his fitness to rule, given his brother's untimely passing. The Chosen Ones also hired a soldier-of-fortune, Dayton Trent, to pursue the relic.

However, rumors spread of the existance of the Relic. Rumors which, in certain ears, inspired thoughts of lost pride, power unimaginable -- and a chance for revenge.

  Manufacturer's description:

8 exotic personas with unique transformations resulting in a total of 24 different playable characters.

Hollywood style cinematics in game introduction and individual character introductions.
Multiple hit chain combos, projectile and weapon attacks.
True 3-D character control.



  • Third person perspective.
  • 3D graphics
  • Cartoon graphics
  • SCI-Fi, Futuristic & Fighting themes.

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