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Extreme (Extreme Games) [NTSC-U]

Extreme (Extreme Games) [NTSC-U] PlayStation ROMS Small Size PBP Psx

(0 Reviews) June 04, 2024

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June 04, 2024
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ESPN Extreme Games lets the player access three modes of play: Exhibition, New Season or a continuation of a season. Exhibition mode helps the player get to know the courses and equipment as well as get a feel for the controls. New season offers the player the chance to race against sixteen other competitors on any of the four racing machines competing for season points as well as money to upgrade equipment.

The tracks are:
Italy - Country roads leading down to a town area;
Lake Tahoe - Twisting roads and strategically placed haystacks;
South America - Lots of caves and thin jungle roads;
San Francisco - Hundreds of obstacles and hills;
Utah - Falling rocks, secret routes, and some hungry looking crocodiles.

1Xtreme is a greatest-hits re-release of the PlayStation launch title ESPN Extreme Games without the ESPN license. While players can still choose from five courses in San Francisco, Utah, Lake Tahoe, Italy, and South America, they no longer have the option to watch a video clip of Suzy Kolber as she offers words of encouragement or criticism in between races.

The rest of the game is structured the same as 1995's release, with the action played from a third-person perspective as players embark on a 12-race season using street luges, inline skates, mountain bikes, and skateboards. Players can punch and kick their competition to gain an edge, or race against a friend on a split scre

- Choose from street luges, inline skates, mountain bikes, and skateboards
- Compete on five international courses
- Punch or kick your rivals to improve your chances of winning

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