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Front Mission 3 [NTSC-U]

Front Mission 3 [NTSC-U] PlayStation ROMS Small Size PBP Psx

(0 Reviews) June 06, 2024

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June 06, 2024
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After numerous wars and terrorist attacks, Yokosuka had finally entered a state of peace; it would last only 10 short years. A deadly explosion rocked the continent, disrupting peace and causing a worldwide panic.

After numerous wars and terrorist attacks, Yokosuka had finally entered a state of peace; it would last only 10 short years. A deadly explosion rocked the continent, disrupting peace and causing a worldwide panic.

As test pilots for Kirishima Industries, Kazuki Takemura and his best friend Ryogo Kusama were ordered to deliver newly developed Wanzer robots (mechanized war machines) to the Japanese Defense Force Base. En route to their destination, they witnessed the massive explosion. Fearing that Alisa (Kazuki's sister) was in the explosion, he and Ryogo met up with a scientist named Emma to investigate the explosion.

Upon investigation, Kazuki's sister was nowhere to be found.

What they found, however, is that a worldwide conspiracy is being devised to withhold information about the explosion; information regarding motives and newly developed plots to seize power within Yokosuka. With an undying vow to find Alisa, Kazuki and his friends formed a rebellious allegiance against the powers that be!

As the third release of a well-established series in Japan, Front Mission 3 is an epic turn-based strategy/RPG outlining the agony of war and the art of betrayal. While the focus of the overlaying storyline may be the rebellion side of things, the game has a Double Scenario feature that allows players to play two dynamically different sides throughout the duration of play. While one scenario would have you defending the Kamariya Junction, the other would have you destroying it. Scenarios change depending on your actions and the choices you make.

Front Mission 3 features a complex battle system broken into Battle Skills, a Discharge Battle, and the Battle Ranking. With a whopping total of 100, Battle Skills are specialized Wanzer actions that increase a character's performance in any given battle. Featuring customizable legs, arms, and body parts, the robots will learn new combinations and attacks upon upgrade; if you've got a Tiandong 3 arm part, the Wanzer will learn an Eject Punch.

Customization is excruciatingly important as players will need to upgrade a Wanzer's armor capabilities, supply it with progressively destructive weapons, and tack on special items for Battle Skill programming. There are 32 different robots to control throughout the duration of gameplay, each differing in the aforementioned areas.

The Discharge Battle System allows players to acquire an enemy Wanzer by overthrowing the pilot and assimilating the machine for your own private use! Strong attacks usually get the job done; the already mentioned Eject Punch is highly effective. Be careful, through -- enemies can eject your character and steal their highly customized Wanzer. Play smart and defend your robots and characters by any means necessary.

Players are shown an evaluation at the end of each battle called the Battle Ranking. It relays important information on the total number of attacks initiated, how many enemies were eliminated, and the number of turns it took to finish the battle. These factors will determine your reward; ranging from bronze to platinum, players are awarded various metals for significant accomplishments. The Battle Ranking also affects the amount of money handed to you at the end of a campaign. Upon completion of Front Mission 3, players are treated to a summary that displays accomplishments and awarded metals.

Front Mission 3 also promises over 150 hours of gameplay with the Double Scenario. Furthering the storyline at important times, there are tons of in-game and polygon-rendered movie sequences combined with CG cinematics. It also supports the Dual Shock Analog Controller for analog controls and the vibration function.

Will you try to save the world or destroy it? These are among the many choices facing you in Front Mission 3!

# Sci-Fi strategy game set in Japan, 2112 AD
# Use wanzer robots to fight for or against the rebellion
# Wanzar robots are customizable
# Nearly 100 different battle skills
# For 1 player

  Manufacturer's description:


The incident you witnessed at the JDF base has drawn you into a global conspiracy.

Now, your best chance for survival lie in a handful of shady characters and your giant battle machines...

* Turn-based combat comes to life in this massive strategic adventure
* Two different scenarios and over 150 hours of gameplay
* Upgrade your machines with better components, & more, or capture and use an enemy's machine
* Search for clues and machine components through in-game 'internet' and 'e-mail' systems
* Plan your moves on detailed, fully 3D environment maps


  • Third person perspective.
  • 3D graphics
  • Cartoon graphics
  • SCI-FI & Futuristic themes.

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