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Looney Toons Sheep Raider [NTSC-U]

Looney Toons Sheep Raider [NTSC-U] PlayStation ROMS Small Size PBP Psx

(0 Reviews) June 06, 2024

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June 06, 2024
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Shaggy-haired Sam Sheepdog bids a good morning to his coworker Ralph and punches the clock. Ralph Wolf returns the greeting and punches in as well.

Shaggy-haired Sam Sheepdog bids a good morning to his coworker Ralph and punches the clock. Ralph Wolf returns the greeting and punches in as well. The two exchange pleasantries but when the whistle blows, they go straight to work: a full eight-hour day of outrageous cartoon violence as Ralph attempts to steal sheep from Sam's flock and Sam attempts (and seemingly always is able) to thwart Ralph's efforts. First appearing in 1953's Don't Give Up the Sheep, the Warner Bros. duo have starred in another half-dozen cartoon shorts since then, with a unique appeal that seems to span multiple generations.

The tried and true premise enjoys a new twist in Looney Tunes Sheep Raider, an action puzzle game from Infogrames. In this title the player takes the role of Ralph, who is a contestant on a television game show. To win, he must capture all of Sam's sheep, one by one, and return with them to the studio. As in the classic cartoons, Ralph has a wide variety of special Acme brand gadgets at his disposal, the use of which can pose some interesting strategic possibilities. Of course, also as in the series of cartoons, Sam is a thoughtful, able, dedicated sheepdog and he won't let any of his charges go too easily. Often, the solution that seems the most indirect or convoluted may be the only one that gets the sheep.

- Ralph Wolf:
Ralph has been trying to steal sheep for years, but he has constantly been foiled by Sam Sheep Dog. He bears a striking resemblance to Wile E. Coyote. (Both characters were designed by director Chuck Jones.) Ralph is invited onto Daffy Duck's TV game show, where the aim of the game is to steal Sam's entire flock.

- Daffy Duck:
Daffy is the host of the game show Sheep, Dog 'n' Wolf. He also acts as the player's guide throughout the game, appearing in numerous disguises. He admits that he is only involved with the show until he becomes a super star. His motivations for assisting Ralph are less than noble as he knows since he found and trained Ralph, a bad performance from him will most likely lead to Daffy being fired.

- Sam Sheepdog:
Sam Sheepdog is Ralph Wolf's main antagonist in the game, as the objective is to steal sheep from the flock which he is guarding constantly. As his sheep continue to disappear, his vigilance increases causing further difficulty for the player.

- Sheep:
Rather slow-witted, they tend to graze continuously, until they are attracted by something, usually lettuce or strong smells, and maybe Ralph disguised as a female sheep... As per rules of the game show, none of the sheep are harmed or eaten by Ralph Wolf.

Minor characters:
- Road Runner - Appears in the training area as the player learns to use the running ability. He returns in the penultimate level to stop Ralph from catching a train containing Sam's last sheep.

- Porky Pig - Porky plays the role of a farmer. He provides the Ralph with lettuce and informs him on the ways it can be used to attract Sam's sheep.

- Elmer Fudd - A rabbit hunter who tries to hunt Ralph when disguised in a Bugs Bunny costume. Daffy becomes involved when he believes Ralph to be the real Bugs Bunny as well and tries to trick Elmer into shooting Ralph.

- Yosemite Sam - Short-tempered Texan appearing in a pirate costume ala Bugs Bunny: Lost in Time. He mistakenly assumes that Ralph is after the treasure he and his crew seek. His short temper and love of gold ends him up in jail.

- Marvin the Martian - Visits the Earth from Planet X to make Ralph clean up the mess he made from launching a sheep into space and knocking over a case of dehydrated Instant Martians who infest his lab.

- Toro the Bull - A bull found in various stages of the game, he will charge at Ralph if he is awoken from his sleep. When faced with the color red, Toro will start a mad charging frenzy making Gossamer the monster a particularly unfortunate foe.

- Gerry the Sneezing Dragon - A dragon from the distant past with an unfortunate illness. When Ralph uses the Acme Magical Chronometer to visit Gerry's time, Gerry drives Ralph away with his dangerous fiery sneezes. He is brought back to Ralph's time and is attacked by Sam for coming to close to Sam's flock of sheep.

- Gossamer - The game's only boss. Trapped in the distant past with Gerry the Sneezing Dragon, he wanted to befriend Ralph who brought him back to the present and used him to distract Toro the bull. After being brutally rammed by Toro, Gossamer tried to get revenge by cornering Ralph in the castle of a later stage. Also, if you look closely, he appears in the studio audience.

- K-9 - Marvin's loyal canine sidekick. He appears in the cutscene before the final level, where he picks up Ralph with a mechanical claw and takes him into the spaceship.

- Bugs Bunny - Although Bugs does not appear in person during most of the game, Ralph can wear a Bugs Bunny costume although this is not a good idea during rabbit season. He does appear in a painting in level 10 and in the studio audience in a cameo.

- Taz - Makes a cameo appearance in the credits, where he has his own 3D model.

- She-Devil - Taz's wife appears as a member of the studio audience.

- Foghorn Leghorn - Appears as a member of the studio audience.

- Witch Hazel - Appears as a member of the studio audience.

- Rocky - Appears as a member of the studio audience. Also if you look closely, you can see he has Tweety on his hand.

- Granny - Appears as a member of the studio audience and also makes a cameo appearance in a hot air balloon with Sylvester in level 3.

- Sylvester - Appears as a member of the studio audience and also makes a cameo appearance in a hot air balloon with Granny in level 3.

- Hector the Bulldog - Appears as a member of the studio audience.

- Speedy Gonzales - Appears as a member of the studio audience.

It's Ralph vs. Sam through 15 challenging environments
Over 25 gadgets at your disposal
Interact with other popular Looney Tunes characters including Porky Pig and Roadrunner

  Manufacturer's description:

How far would you go to get your prey?

It's the epic Looney Tunes battle between Ralph Wolf and am Sheep-dog! Take on the role of Ralph Wolf and carry out devious sheep-snatchin' missions. Use a variety of guaranteed ACME products to try to lure, carry or even catapult sheep away until you make off with the whole flock!

Advance through 15 unique cartoon environments
Use over 25 outrageous gadgets to help you sneak, swim, creep, fly and jump
Scheme your way through a classic Looney Tunes adventure
Special appearances by all-time Looney Tunes favorites Daffy Duck, Porky Pig, Roadrunner, Marvin The Martian and more


  • Third person perspective.
  • 3D graphics
  • Cartoon graphics
  • Fantasy & Humour themes.

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