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MediEvil II [NTSC-U]

MediEvil II [NTSC-U] PlayStation ROMS Small Size PBP Psx

(0 Reviews) June 06, 2024

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June 06, 2024
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16, May 1886 There will be many stories concerning the events that took place in 1886 or as most have come to call it, the Autumn of Death. They have all been dismissed as mere hallucinations, the prattling of drunks or some stage of a sickness. I know better. I was there.

16, May 1886

There will be many stories concerning the events that took place in 1886 or as most have come to call it, the Autumn of Death. They have all been dismissed as mere hallucinations, the prattling of drunks or some stage of a sickness. I know better. I was there.

That night the dead rose from the graves, demons stalked the Great Museum and even mummies walked among the living. Everyone saw a skeletal knight vanquishing all the horrid beasts. I spoke to him. I even aided him in his quest to destroy Lord Palethorn of Shoreditch. It's all true. Every word of it! Below is what I was able to uncover about our knight in placid bone. Read closely and heed my words.

I found an old legend about a mighty knight, whose name I now know to be Sir Daniel Fortesque, that starts around the 13th century. He was a mighty warrior from the land of Gallowmere, now too a legend. He was slain in battle against the insane wizard, Zarok. Unfortunately, Sir Dan's death was for nothing. Zarok lived on and soon came into possession of a book of dark magic.

Several years passed before Zarok finally deciphered the spell he was looking for. It is written that with this book of dark magic, Zarok awoke the dead to use them in an army. He was delighted and mad with power, so mad that he never realized that the spell worked all too well.

As the legend goes, Sir Dan arose from his eternal sleep and took up the task he died trying to complete. After defeating all the roving minions of the damned and dead, he finally met Zarok face to face. It was an epic battle of might and magic but in the end, Sir Dan completed his knightly quest started several years before. With Zarok dead, Sir Dan hid the magic book and returned to his eternal rest.

Now, some 500 years later, I witnessed Sir Dan awaken again. This time it was by the megalomaniac Lord Palethorn of Shoreditch. He was a man from the wrong side of the rails. He even bought a title to make himself feel more important. However, the society elite never really excepted him. That is when he turned to the book of dark magic and cast a spell to raise the dead. He wanted to destroy all of England and become its sole ruler.

At first sight of Sir Dan I was sick to my stomach. One eye, no skin, he was hideous and a bit angry. I felt badly for Sir Dan, but I was extremely excited by the prospect of having him on my side. Being an older gentleman, I was not fit enough to do battle. My expertise is in the sciences and I know a bit of magic.

Once this was all over, I bade Sir Dan farewell. I pray I never get to see him again in my lifetime. I pray that my ancestors will never have to see him in theirs. I knew they would deny it all. I can only pray that who so ever finds this believes me. I know not where Sir Dan placed the accursed book and that is probably for the best. I only hope its evil is gone for good. Believe in monsters, it may save us all some day.

-- From the Private Diaries of Professor Hamilton Kift

In Medievil II by Sony, you once again you play as Sir Dan. This time, instead of facing a mad sorcerer from your day, you must take on the modern world, modern 19th century that is. Using all the weapons at your disposal, you must help Professor Hamilton as he tries to figure out how to undo the damage being done by Lord Palethorn.

Along the way, you will meet a helper ghost named Winston. He was raised by the kindly Professor and will give you tips from time to time. You must also collect treasure, keys and books to help in your quest. You'll need to buy certain items and ammo as well as read up on the enemy.

There are, of course, the standard medieval weaponry like the sword, hammer and axe, along with different sizes of shields. There is also one modern weapon, the gatling gun. Along with the weapons you find, be sure to vanquish all your enemies and get the Chalice of Souls. Bringing this cup back to the Professor will prove to be very beneficial to Sir Dan.

You also get to do things only the dead can do. Like putting your head on some of the creepy free-roaming hands that are moving about the Great Museum. Why would you want to do that? Why, to do some recon and get into those hard to reach places of course. Without revealing too much, your head will be placed on another body by the good Professor so you can stand a "fighting" chance against a certain enemy.

  Manufacturer's description:

19TH CENTURY LONDON is held in the grasp of the satanic Lord Palethorn, who has shook the dead from their graves and unleashed a menagerie of slavering demons on to the streets. Join Sir Daniel Fortesque on his quest to vanquish the forces of evil once more in an adventure that will have you laughing with mirth and shaking with fear...

Battle dinosaurs, gargoyles, deranged killers and other hysterical, historical horrors!

Collect a huge arsenal of weapons; broadswords, axes, crossbows, pistols and more!

Solve fiendish puzzles and use "Dan Hand" mode to explore hidden areas with Dan's detachable skull!!!

Race through time in this glorious return of the "Laughing Dead".


  • Third person perspective.
  • 3D graphics
  • Cartoon graphics
  • Medieval Fantasy theme.

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