Pokemon Rusty

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Pokémon from Generations 1-8
New Story
Play in Kanto during Autumn! (Winter Edition Coming One Day!)
Mega Evolutions
Z moves
ONLY Alolan and Galarian forms!
Semi-Open World
New Gym Leaders
New Elite Four and Champion
Almost EVERY Protagonist from other Pokémon games
All of the Sinnoh and Kalos Gym Leaders
Sinnoh Battle Frontier and Sinnoh Elite Four
Wild Pokémon scale with the level of the lowest level Pokémon in your party
Trainers will have enemy Pokémon at the same level as your highest level Pokémon in your party when the battle begins.
PokéMart expanded
Celadon Department Store updated!
Move Tutors and FREE Rare Candies on the Top Floor of most Pokémon Centers

Pokemon Rusty



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