Pokemon Triangulo Origen

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When your sister is kidnapped by Team Origen, you discover that you can fend for yourself and that you have great potential with Pokémon, so you decide to go for the 6 medals from the Kinia region to compete in the Kinia League.

Main plot

After a strange nightmare you wake up scared. That same day, your sister arrives home after her excursion to the Alastia region, from which she brings you a Pokémon that will later be your Pokémon.

Auri, first gym leader (Crag City).

Your sister tricks you by telling you that she didn't bring you anything from the Alastia region but that she was going to “help” you capture your Pokémon. While that is happening, a strange individual arrives and kidnaps your sister.

When you return to the crime scene, you realize that Hilia (Your sister) dropped a Pokéball on the ground. It turns out to be a small Bulbasaur, which thanks to him, you manage to rescue your sister from the evil Team Origen .

Once home, your sister tells your mother about the experience. Your sister, surprised by your ability, advises you to embark on an adventure in search of Kinia medals to compete in the Kinia League , of which she has great faith that you will qualify.

After this, you begin your adventure.



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