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(0 Reviews) May 23, 2024

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May 23, 2024
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This tweak makes Spotify think that you have a Premium subscription, granting free listening, just like Spotilife.

The History

Several months ago, Spotilife, the only tweak to get Spotify Premium, stopped working on new Spotify versions. I decompiled Spotilife, reverse-engineered Spotify, intercepted requests, etc., and created this tweak.


Please refrain from opening issues about the following features, as they are server-sided and will NEVER work:

  • Very High audio quality
  • Native playlist downloading (you can download podcast episodes though)
  • Jam (hosting a Spotify Jam and joining it remotely requires Premium; only joining in-person works)

In theory, implementing downloading/offline mode locally should be possible, but it will not be included in this tweak.

Lyrics Support

EeveeSpotify replaces Spotify monthly limited lyrics with one of the following three lyrics providers:

  • Genius: Offers the best quality lyrics, provides the most songs, and updates lyrics the fastest. Does not and will never be time-synced.

  • LRCLIB: The most open service, offering time-synced lyrics. However, it lacks lyrics for many songs.

  • Musixmatch: The service Spotify uses. Provides time-synced lyrics for many songs, but you'll need a user token to use this source. To obtain the token, download Musixmatch from the App Store, sign up, then go to Settings > Get help > Copy debug info, and paste it into EeveeSpotify alert. You can also extract the token using MITM.

If the tweak is unable to find a song or process the lyrics, you'll see the original Spotify one or a "Couldn't load the lyrics for this song" message. The lyrics might be wrong for some songs (e.g. another song, song article) when using Genius due to how the tweak searches songs. While I've made it work in most cases, kindly refrain from opening issues about it.

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